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Your support is greatly needed and appreciated! It would be our honor to have you partner with us, whether it be with a one-time donation, a project, or a monthly gift. Each donation allows OMI to continue expanding the Kingdom of God as we "make disciples of all nations".


The following projects need your support:

#1. Hope for Venezuela:

Venezuela has experienced decades of corruption with their situation becoming more dire in the last 20 years with the
election of Hugo Chavez. Currently, Chavez progeny, Nicholas Maduro, has taken the country into further despair, deprivation, and unprecedented levels of violence. The church has become one of the victims in this human plight. The objective for "Project Hope for Venezuela" is to bring relief and sound biblical instruction to Venezuela's pastors and congregations.

Current State of Affairs

  • 42,000% inflation rate annually

  • 90% of Venezuelan living in poverty

  • The average Venezuelan lost 25lbs in body weight in 2017

  • 3 million bolivars is equivalent to 1 US dollar

  • Pastors monthly income ranges between $7 - $20

  • #1 corrupt country in the Americas

  • It is the #1 safe haven for regional terrorists, drug lords, and ex-FARC members

How can you help?

We have a goal of raising $15,000 by mid-September in order to execute a three - pronged approach by implementing 2 pastors symposiums, 10 Bible Institutes, and economic-relief for 100 local pastors. Our objective in providing relief is not just for the temporal need but for the long-term rectification of the Venezuelan's heart, mind, and culture.

Currently, we have three donors that have graciously offered a dollar for dollar match up to $7,500, which doubles your donation.

1 Pastor Symposium

1 Bible Institute

1 Pastor - 5 month salary

Your Donation is Doubled!
Join us in our goal of funding all $15,000 needed for "Hope for Venezuela Project". All donations are critical to our advancement of the kingdom and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

#2. OMI Conference Center construction:

OMI Conference Center is a three floor project. 

1- The first floor is complete and allows for our International Institute of Biblical Theology (IIBT) to function optimally, hold pastoral conferences, and ministerial symposiums, among others. (COMPLETED)


2- The second floor is under construction at present with a June finish date. This floor will showcase OMI & MCDF offices and administration. The 2nd floor budget is $3,000.


3- The floor will accommodate and itinerate ministries and those involved with short term kingdom projects. The 3rd floor budget is $4,500.

#3. Pastoral Symposium:

Pastoral Theological Symposiums reach hundreds of pastors annually. The cost per symposium is $3000.

Through teaching sessions and workshop dialogue we are able to establish biblical themes pertinent to those with whom we are ministering. OMI covers all costs for the needy pastors including: meals, materials, transport, instruction, and free enrollment.

#4. International Institute of Biblical Theology:

  • Venezuela and Cuba:

Help prepare other called brother/sisters for ministry! 


For *$10.50 per month, **per student, you can help a pastor study towards his "Preparation of Ministry" and then on to his/her "Associates of Biblical Studies Degree". 

*$105 per month donation will allow 10 Venezuelan or Cuban pastors to study.


  • Indigenous:


For *$7.50 per month, **per student, you can help a pastor of the ***Embera and Ngâbe-Buglé people of Panama and Costa Rica study towards his "Preparation of Ministry" and then on to his "Associates of Biblical Studies Degree". 

*$75 per month donation will allow 10 pastors from different indigenous tribes to study.

***There are other indigenous groups that need support.

  • Other Latin American countries:


For *$8.50 per month, **per student, you can help a pastor study towards his "Preparation of Ministry" and then on to his/her "Associates of Biblical Studies Degree". 

*$85 per month donation will allow 10 pastors from; Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and others to study.

**Please, for the sake of efficiency, make a commitment for one year of support. Thank you for your support!

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7483 Arapahoe Rd

Boulder, CO 80303


One More International is a ministry dedicated to “making disciples,” focusing on those in the Hispano-American regions, including; Mexico through Argentina, the Caribbean, and wherever Spanish-speakers are “making disciples.”  The objective is to develop ministers and equip them to become more effective in discipling their nations.


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