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OMI has been ministering in the Americas for more than 20 years establishing the local church through equipping servants at the pastorate level. OMI has 4 areas of ministry: Symposiums, Translation, Pastoral Mentorship, & the International College of Biblical Theology. 


International College of Biblical Theology (ICBT), (Dean, Dr. Donald Korach), has graduated more than 7,000 students (as of 2022) in ten countries in Latin America. The ICBT has accredited recognition from the ACI (Accrediting Commission International).


We provide a well-rounded study program with four theological levels of study:


1.) Ministerial Preparation.

2.) Diploma in Theology.

3.) *Bachelor in Theology.

4.) **Masters in Theology.


This academic experience is available in two forms:

1. Traditional, printed materials.

2. Virtual, via the Internet.

*Requires a high school diploma or a GED equivalent  

**Requires a high school diploma or a GED equivalent  & Bachelors in theology 


Pastoral Theological Symposiums are 1-2 day events in which a pastor can receive workshop style education designed to instruct and equip them in theory and praxis. At least two teachers are involved in these all-day symposiums in which they offer 3-4 thematic workshops a day.


Often times the pastors whom attend these symposiums have geographic, economic or educational challenges. Therefore, OMI provides food, transportation, housing, all educational materials and instruction free of charge. We purposefully do not take up an offering to cover our costs as we seek to truly alleviate the burdens of these pastors in order they may be more effective and bear more fruit in their local churches.   

Roxana, Jeff’s wife, translates theological material from English to Spanish. She has years of field experience and has acquired expertise through her studies at the University of Costa Rica (Bachelor's degree) and Laureate (Master's degree). Roxana has translated various types of works such as sermons, articles, magazines, and theological manuals.

OMI has completed multiple translation projects including but not limited to The Greatness of the Great Commission by Dr. Kenneth Gentry, Lasts Days Madness by Dr. Gary DeMar, & For Mission by Joseph Boot which are currently available for purchase on Amazon.   

You can see a full library of our translated materials found on our Theological Resources page. For updates on the progress of our other translation works please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page. 


Pastoral Mentorship Program is designed as small groups of ministers that meet for weekly discipleship. These meetings are essential for the edification and accountability of the pastors. It is a time for them to share, engage and dialogue so that each pastor becomes more theological, relevant, mature and efficient in pastoring their flocks.

For information about when and how often these pastors meet please see our CONTACT page. 

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